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PSS/E News Release

IPE has released the PSS/E adaptor under the Model Master suite.

GrodPortal opens the drawing files, analyze them with advanced intelligence and build the in-memory network database for substations, transmission lines and the entire network. Basic lines, arcs and texts are transformed into electric components in a power grid with connectivity and an electrical context.

The PSS/E adaptor translates the in-memory network model into a live power flow model in GridPortal as well as exporting a .raw file and a .pyc file. Clicking on the power flow model component takes users straight to the equipment on the oneline diagram and animates the physical equipment associated with the component. The in-memory network database can also be merged to an existing power flow model such as MMWG Eastern interconnection model. Running the .pyc file automatically generates the PSS/E substation slider files. GridPortal’s auto-draw algorithms ensure the layout of the components in the slider file is the same as what is in the drawing file.