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Integrated Power Engineering, Inc. (IPE) is a software and consulting company specializing in grid visualization, model automation and data analytics for the electric power industry. The Flagship Product of Integrated Power Engineering, Inc. is its GridPortal®.

IPE GridPortal® is a big data visualization, management and analysis tool and a grid information presentation framework for electric utilities. It provides a platform for planners, operators, technicians, engineering, managers, and executives in the power grids all around the world to visualize, analyze and synchronize the grid data to design and operate the grid in a more efficient, more reliable and greener manner. IPE GridPortal® is aiming at uniting the prevalent technologies in different departments and organizations in the electric utility industry by weaving the frequently used features in those major software systems of those technologies into an overarching and cross-referencing data driven platform to meet the challenges at the present in the electric power industry and offer the data oriented applications of the future for the power grids.

GridPortal® consists of the following modules:

Smart Oneline
Converts drawing files (AutoCAD, Microstation, pdf) to in-memory network model and exports to CIM

Model Master
Builds network model from drawings, SAP, and PLS-CADD files; exports to and converts between formats (PSS/E, EMS, ASPEN, PI etc.); maintains model version control

Creates substation onelines and network mapboard schematics in different contents and styles from model tables or files

Submits outage request and runs power flow studies on the schematics

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