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GridPortal® is a multi-faceted application created for electric power industry's visualization, modeling and system study needs, and an integrated platform to meet power system big data challenges in an automated, computer aided approach with high degree of artificial intelligence to enable users design and operate power systems with polymorphic models/visualizations and much needed cross-software, inter-organization information exchange, data validation and process coordination features.


GridPortal® is currently comprised of 4 major modules: Smart Oneline, Model Master, DiagramOnDemand and OutagePro, which are discussed in details below. Two key adaptors in the Model Master module, the Power Flow adaptor and the PI Vision adaptor, are presented in the next 2 videos.
  • Power Flow Adaptor Video
  • PI Vision Adaptor Video

  • Smart Oneline

    One key feature of GridPortal® is to read raw substation and transmission line diagrams (AutoCAD, Microstation, pdf, jpg, etc. formats) and use GridPortal®'s advanced algorithms to analyze the files and generate an in-memory power system physical model, i.e. the digital twin of the power system. The in-memory model then displays in GridPortal® UI and allows users to visualize and manage. The following is a side-by-side comparison of a pdf substation diagram and a GridPortal® livened display.

  • Mordor Substation CAD Display
  • Mordor Substation GridPortal® Display
  • Tree structure of the electric components is also built for easy navigation. By clicking on the tree view items, the UI will take users right to the component on the diagram. GridPortal® exports the in-memory network model in CIM format.

    The key functions of Smart Oneline are the following:

    • Intelligently scanning drawing files (pdf, AutoCAD, Microstation)
    • Using AI to build in-memory network model and serving as an interactive UI
    • Exporting the network model into a CIM file

    Model Master

    Another innovative and highly-demanded GridPortal® feature is the Model Master, the IPE network model management tool. Model Master uses APIs of CAD software, transmission line engineering tools, common ERP databases and so on to 1) retrieve the equipment electric parameters and ratings, the network topology and transmission line configurations, 2) calculate transmission line impedances, 3) generate in-memory network node-breaker model, 4) do topology analysis to produce bus-branch model, 5) export the in-memory model into requested operations, planning and protection network model formats, 6) maintain and version control the models. Advanced artificial intelligence in heavily used in this feature and the following is an illustration of the Model Master feature in GridPortal®.

    The Model Master also exports the GridPortal® in-memory electric network model with diagram information to a number of industry common formats, such as PSS/E, OSISoft PI, TARA, CIM, EMS, and ASPEN as well as performing conversions between those formats, bus-branch and node-breaker alike. One previous video is a video of general introduction of GridPortal® and its power flow model adaptor.

  • Mordor Master Illustration
  • The key functions of Model Master are the following:

    • Creating network model from all relevant sources first hand and managing the models with version control
    • Exporting the model into industry common formats
    • Converting models between different formats


    The GridPortal® DiagramOnDemand module automatically generates substaion onelines and network mapboard schematics in the form/style/content users specify, which embodies the visualization polymophism in GridPortal®. DiagramOnDemand reads the plain network model in CIM XML, .raw, or EMS exported text tables, performs in-depth topology analysis and creates substation/transmission line onelines. Furthermore, DiagramOnDemand intelligently lays out the substation/transmission line onelines and generates regional electric network schematics (digital mapboard).

    The diagrams generated can be configured to be in a full gamut of forms, styles and contents, including but not limited to, substation block mode, bus mode, breaker mode, switch mode, grayscale, user defined color schemes, bus summary, etc.

    The key functions of DiagramOnDemand are the following:

    • Importing network model in plain text/xml formats and performing in-depth topology analysis
    • Creating facility oneline diagrams (substation, transmission line, etc.)
    • Laying out substation and transmission line on a regional schematic digrams
    • Exporting diagrams according to users specifications on forms, styles and contents


    The OutagePro module providers a utility to export GridPortal®'s topology information into an Electric Transmission company's outage application tables. GridPortal® provides a UI for users to interactively enter outage requests and review the outage sequence animations. Combined with weather/load forecasts, GridPortal® also allows users to run on-the-fly power flow contigency studies as well as to run as study-on-submittal server (performing contingency study once an outage request is submitted).

    The key functions of OutagePro are the following:

    • Exporting outage application tables from scanning drawing files
    • Diagrammatization and animation of outage requests
    • On-the-fly power flow studies and study-on-submittal server